The Guide Artists is a brand dedicated to showcasing the best in international contemporary art. First published in 2017, the magazine has already presented some of the most recognizable names in realism, allowing their work to become accessible to a wide audience. The editors are passionate and knowledgeable about art and, each month, they invite artists to participate based upon their skill and unique voice.

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Imagining tomorrow

The Guide Artists Painting Sculpture Media

The Guide Artists have created an exclusive portal, showcasing original fine art collections of the top world artists. This unique online portal, connecting artist and collectors to each other, offers a better and easier way for artists to show and sell their artwork and to close a sale on their own terms and conditions with a minimal commission fee. Collectors may find their perfect choice of artwork created by the best artists of today without the high prices set by most art galleries and agents.

The artist's and the collector's direct communication ensures trust, clarity and transparency and results in direct sales and transactions through each artist's individual online platform. The Guide Artists mission is to provide any support or guidance needed to both artists and collectors alike. We are always here for you!

Our mission is to not only create high quality, fully comprehensive and user-friendly products, we also strive to bring joy, excitement, stimulation and beauty to people's lives.Creativity leads the mind to a discovery of questions that hold unique answers to us all.

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